Over the years teaching hundreds of students at home and at Lebanon Valley College I've had a number of students who played in high school, district and state jazz bands, in district, state and local orchestras, a number who became professional musicians and few found a career playing bass in the military. I take NO credit for their success. The student did all the work, was motivated and took my instruction seriously. My job, actually any teacher's job, is to point the way. The student's job is to follow direction. So folks that's how it works and has worked since the beginning of time. Every student is treated the same and is expected to do the work assigned. If this sounds good to you and is what you are looking for give me a call. Hope to hear from you.....
         Lessons are typically 50 minutes in length every other week. Bring your bass (and bow if you are playing double bass) and any music you have been working on. I have an amplifier here for electric bass students.

Note: Remember if your goal is to audition for college or other music positions please give yourself plenty of time to achieve this. Don't expect to be prepared for an audition with two months of lessons.

Jim Miller
Email: bass44@verizon.net
Phone: 717-564-2803

(this is my business phone for Third Stream so when I answer with Third Stream, you have the right place)