"Mr. Miller is among the best and most influential teacher's I've had in my life. His organized curriculum and thorough instruction have become a model for my own style of instruction. I have enjoyed many opportunities to see Mr. Miller perform and each performance seems better than the last. Above all, his character and integrity are first-class."

Ryan Bartz
Educator, Performer and Former Student

          "I am in mid-50's and just starting to play an instrument. I picked up my first bass about three years ago, and tried to teach myself for the first two. I decided I needed to take lessons, so I started with another instructor who had taught my son for six years, and it was a waste of my time. I was referred to Jim by another of his students. What a difference. I have learned so much in the past year. My play has improved significantly, but more important, so has my knowledge of the instrument and music in general, and he is tailoring my instruction to what I want to learn to plan, blues and classic rock. Every lesson is balanced between the basics, theory, and actual playing. And just when I get a little cocky, he throws a twist in that I never see coming. I look forward to my lesson every two weeks. I recommend him to everybody. Two of the best bass players at the Thursday Blues Jams are Jim's students." 



           "I had the pleasure of studying both electric and string bass with Jim Miller at Lebanon Valley College. Our lessons were engaging, well organized and consistently left me with new musical knowledge. Jim is a fantastic musician and has immensely improved my bass playing. I would highly recommend Jim Miller to any bass player looking to improve their musicianship. His excellent musicality and versatility will allow you to achieve whatever your musical goals may be." 

Nick Terramani
Strings Teacher at Burn Brae Camp of Creative Arts


          "What I like most about taking bass lessons from Jim is how he has tailored the lessons to my needs – read in here my weaknesses; he always challenges me and at the same time makes it fun and interesting.  Over the years Jim has taken me from knowing little to nothing about the roll of the bass in a band - to knowing exactly my role as a bass player.
          "I now play regularly at my church and The Tetelestai Band and have been asked to sit in with other bands - and for sure it’s a lot more fun when you know what you’re doing!
          "I started taking lesson from Jim when I was in my late 40’s – so that proves maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks – or at least Jim can."

Mark S. Malone


          "Central Pennsylvania is incredibly lucky to have Jim Miller within reach.  He is patient, knowledgeable, artistic and has a great sense of humor to boot!  For me, working with Jim was not just about the art of the bass, it was about life and how to live and treat others, all of which he has lead by example.  He prepared me for life as a musician so well that very few things in this business surprise me, which is saying a lot!  Even now, almost ten years later, I still get 'you're one of Miller's guys', and I can proudly say yes."

M. Wittrien
Professional Bassist, American Music Theatre


          "Because I had been playing the bass for almost 10 years without any type of private lesson, I was extremely nervous to begin lessons in college. However, Mr. Miller was very understanding. By getting a feel for the level I was at, Mr. Miller was able to take what I already knew, fix things that I was doing wrong, and help me grow into a more skilled bass player. In three years of bass lessons with Mr. Miller, I learned more than I ever learned in the previous 10 years. He listened to the goals I had for myself, and he helped me work towards those goals so that I could continue to enjoy playing after my time with him. With the skills I developed studying with him, I plan to make bass playing a lifetime hobby."

Mary Kent
Lebanon Valley College '11


          "I'm extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to study privately with Jim Miller. Because of his thoughtful planning and long-term goals as a teacher, I was able to progress quickly, and without any gaps in my playing (on both upright bass and electric bass). His lessons have allowed me to become an extremely well-rounded musician ready for any type of gig, whether it's with a symphony orchestra, a jazz band, or a rock and roll band. I now work professionally throughout the Central PA and Philadelphia region as a bassist and as a college music professor, and I have him to thank."



          "Jim is an excellent teacher of all styles of music. He also makes his living playing music, which means that he knows the business inside and out.
          "I came to Jim to broaden my musical knowledge, so that I can become a more versatile bass player. Bottom line, more versatility equals more job opportunities. Lately I've been so busy playing that I haven't had enough time to practice for my lesson."

Steven Murphy