Hi, I'm Jim Miller and I teach bass as well as perform in a number of bands and ensembles in the mid Atlantic region. I was the bass instructor and small jazz ensemble director at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania for 22 years.

          I have been teaching bass (electric & upright) privately in the Central Pennsylvania area for 30 years. I base my teaching on the concepts and wisdom of two important mentors I've had. First sensei Robert J. Hanula, 8th Degree rank in Isshin-ryu Karate & Kobudo with who I studied for 20 years learning not only Karate-do but also how to be a good human being. My second important mentor was world renown bassist Dr. Arthur Davis who played with all my jazz heroes as well as just about everyone in the music business. One of the great lessons I got from Art was his lesson on the three P's which I think about every day.

Practice Patience & Perseverance